Our Story

Midori started out on the Main Street in Grand Bend 5 years ago. They specialize in Sushi, but also offer appetizers, salads, daily specials and even a mouth- watering turkey burger.  Midori was originally a very small catering and takeout business. Each new season brought more business to the small restaurant. After year 3, owner-operator Tina Sandre decided to take the risk of expanding her existing business. Midori moved into a larger, more upscale and newly renovated location, complete with a patio and a liquor licence. Midori is a perfect choice for a date, a lunch time treat, take out or an evening out with friends!

Open 7 days a week, and every long weekend.  Book your reservation today!

About Tina

In 2013, Tina was awarded the Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. This was a great compliment to her efforts as opening a restaurant was an ultimate dream.

Specialty Rolls

Midori’s specialty rolls have been created to keep your pallet enthused. Must try items from the Specialty Rolls portion of the menu include One Love, Kashmir, and Optimus Prime

Grand Bend

This small community beach town swells in population throughout the Summer months. Come take the short drive to Ontario’s west coast and see what it’s all about!